Pa. (WTAJ) — What’s the coolest thing made in Pennsylvania? Well, that’s for you to decide, and here’s how to vote.

The Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry decided to embrace March Madness with a bracket of its own. This one, however, is all about things made right here in Pennsylvania.

From snacks to robots, a lot of really cool things are made right here in our vast commonwealth.

The Chamber is into round two right now and you can vote up through March 24, then onto round three. It all concludes with a championship on April 3.

Round three includes Zippo, Harley Davidson, Sheetz, Utz, Crayola Crayons, Yuengling Lager and more.

“The Coolest Thing Made in PA competition celebrates the commonwealth’s storied history and continued leadership in manufacturing. From the steel that built our nation’s cities, the food that feeds our families, and the cutting-edge technology driving tomorrow’s innovation and exploration — Pennsylvania makes it all,” the Chamber posted.

Ready to vote? Keep those fingers ready because you can do that by clicking right here.