(WTAJ) — As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, many are wondering — what’s the most popular side dish in Pennsylvania?

While the debate could probably rage on, and multiple maps may all look a bit different, three maps we found of the most popular sides in every state — Taste of Home, Thrillist, and Zippia— all read the same for Pennsylvania: Stuffing.

Yes, “filling” and “dressing” are very much acceptable terms too.

While there are many styles of stuffing, we’re definitely going with the classic poultry stuffing that often consists of breadcrumbs, celery, onion, spices, and herbs such as sage.

Bread stuffing, cornbread stuffing, stuffing balls, stuffing in the turkey, homemade stuffing from scratch, instant stove top stuffing, you name it and Pennsylvania wants it.

Mashed potatoes are “gravy” across the country as the most popular side dish, but green beans, corn, and mac and cheese made some waves in a few states.

Stuffing is one of the most iconic and recognizable sides to have every Thanksgiving. If you asked around, you’d be sure to find some people saying it just wouldn’t be the same without mom’s, grandma’s — or even dad’s — homemade stuffing.

Whether it’s store-bought or a generational recipe passed down from family — often having those little “secret ingredients” to make them extra special — one thing’s for sure. Pennsylvania does love stuffing at Thanksgiving!