MILLERSVILLE, Pa (WHTM) – This week students at Millersville University are wrapping up exams before leaving for the holidays.

Students at Millersville will be learning online after Thanksgiving break and will not be back on campus until the spring semester.

Guidelines from the state, which were updated Tuesday, now say before students leave campus and when they return they need a COVID-19 test.

“It doesn’t really change what I’m going to do,” Ryan Martin, a Junior at Millersville University, said. “If I have to get tested then I’ll get tested and I’ll come back to campus in the spring.”

The state says any student should be tested regardless of whether or not they’re showing symptoms.

At Millersville they’ve been waiting on rapid tests to test more students. As it stands Millersville only tests students who show signs of the virus, or those who are exposed to it

Hunter McNally, a Sophomore at Millersville, said he will get a COVID-19 test before coming back to campus in the spring.

“I think it’s pretty reasonable being that you don’t know where people are going over the holidays and you don’t want to risk anything,” McNally said.

At Franklin and Marshall students are already required to get a COVID-19 test before coming to campus, and a spokesperson from the college told ABC 27 News they’ll require more testing in the spring.

Elizabethtown College along with Shippensburg University and Penn State Universities said they’re still working on what testing will look like in the spring.

Some are skeptical all students will be tested as the state would like since the state’s suggestions are not requirements.

“I mean most students probably should,” Keely Walsh, a Freshman at Millersville, said. “But obviously you can’t force them too.”