Woman claims to see the 'Angels Among Us'

(WHTM) - Do you ever get the feeling someone is watching over you? A woman who lives across the Pennsylvania border in New York believes there are angels among us.

Rosie Cepero is a 54-year-old wife, mother and grandmother who insists she has a gift.

"The gift is a gift from God. It's a spiritual gift. It's a blessing," she said. "Since I was a little girl, I connect with spirits, divine spirits, angels. That's my gift."

Since she was 3 years old, Rosie says she has been receiving messages from guardian angels.

"Sometimes it's very specific. I can see the whole face," she said. "Sometimes I just see a shadow, but I hear. They give me words. They give me images."

Rosie's gift hasn't gone unnoticed. The star of TLC's "Angels Among Us" and "Medium of Angels" on Discovery Familia, Rosie shares comforting and healing messages from loved ones who've passed away.

Rosie fondly remembers Samantha and Jason Bennett of Hanover. They appeared on "Angels Among Us" and found closure after hearing about their baby who died a few days after birth.

"Saying that my grandmother was holding the baby, it's an image I always hoped was there," Samantha Bennett said. "So, the fact that she even had any idea about that was absolutely amazing. It's life changing."

Rosie starts her day with prayers and sage to cleanse her home of negative energy. George, her husband of 34 years, has learned to live with and embrace Rosie's gift.

"She would give me certain warnings about certain things and sure enough. I think the whole thing is about helping others. I believe that's what her gift is all about," George Cepero said.

If you think Rosie does this for the money, think again. She says she has done thousands of readings over the years and never taken a dime.

"I love bringing comfort and healing," she said. "Everyone needs healings of the heart."

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