Women get smaller chunk of state university payroll


HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – When it comes to payroll for Pennsylvania state-owned university administrators, a right-to-know request filed by ABC 27 News shows male employees are getting a bigger slice of the pie than their female colleagues.

The request yielded payroll documents over the last 10 years for employees not represented by unions, like university presidents and deans. Although men and women in those positions are getting comparable raises, there are almost twice as many male deans as female deans.

“Higher education historically was a much more male dominated profession,” Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education spokesman Kenn Marshall said.

The state system says it is trying to change that, but the process isn’t as easy as it looks.

“That probably goes back to the fact that people generally stay here a long time,” Marshall told ABC 27. “So, a lot of the positions that were historically held by males, as they become open I think you see more and more females in those positions as deans, as vice presidents, as university presidents.”

Of the 463 non-represented employees making six figures, 52 percent are male and 48 percent are female, but while the total payroll for women making six figures is $17,269,472, the total payroll for men making six figures is 98 percent higher at $34,242,538.

“We have made very significant progress in the area of gender equity over the last decade,” Marshall said. “We are continuing to do so.”

The current numbers have a much smaller gender pay gap than the numbers from 10 years ago. Of the 162 non-represented employees making six figures in 2004, 75 percent were male and 25 percent were female. The total payroll for women making six figures was $5,281,039 and the total payroll for men making six figures was nearly 189 percent higher at $15,255,207.

The pay gap has gotten smaller, but the state system says there’s more work to do.

I think you’ll see those numbers continue to, I guess, move closer and closer together,” Marshall said.

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