York City Police on West King Street qualifies as a “Safe Zone” a place police say you should come to when meeting a stranger for any kind of cash for product exchange.

“We have robberies that are set up through craigslist and you don’t want to be meeting strangers, it’s a way for predators to take advantage of people,” said York City Police Chief Wes Kahley.

News stories have generated headlines called “Craigslist Killers” and it is stories like that which have made some fearful to even attempt to use Craigslist.

“I have researched stuff on it but I’m always kind of afraid to meet someone you never know what’s going to happen,” said Megan Phillips of York City.

“Especially being a women meeting with people is a concern as far as where do we go, I want it to be public, I want people to be around,” said Danielle Passaro of York City.

A way to avoid being taken advantage of is to complete the transaction at the York City Police station where it’s monitored by both police and surveillance day and night.

“Police stations and ours specifically is heavily monitored now and there are officers coming in and out so if someone is looking to rip you off they are probably less likely to do at a police station than other places,” said Chief Kahley.

Kahely adds, if someone refuses to meet you at the police station, they’re probably not somebody you should be meeting with in the first place.

“People are more than welcome to handle a transaction here at the police department if the lobbies open they can come in here and handle it,” said Chief Kahley.