HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — The York County Police Department just got bigger, and by the dozen.

“I am proud of this. I do not know if you all just stopped and looked around to look at this,” said Michael Muldrow, York City Police Commissioner.

The York City Police Department had 12 new police officers sworn in on the afternoon of Friday, Jan. 6, which increased the overall police department by nine officers, including one officer who left the department.

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Ten of the new officers need to finish the police academy, but two of them are already hitting the streets.

“I am super excited. I am super excited coming from a background with some of the law enforcement officers in the department. Overall, I am excited, and I am blessed to be in this department and start a new journey,” said Victoria Baez, a newly sworn-in officer.

Currently, the longest-tenured officer has been with the department for two years.

The 12 new officers mark the second time a dozen officers have been sworn in at York Police Department. However, this group is special.

“Well, you can see it, it’s giving a lot of young people, the belief that this is possible. That this is a legitimate career in which they can get into. That they can see themselves in the uniform, see themselves wearing a badge. And understand that it’s more than just being a jack-botted thug,“ said Muldrow.

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On top of being the most diverse group of officers sworn in, four of the new officers are second-generation police officers, four are York County natives, and the group represents more than four ethnic groups.

“Representation, seeing them, I wouldn’t believe that it was possible. Because if they do not look like you then you do not believe it is possible. Whether they’re a reporter a judge, attorney, or a doctor. If you do not see it is a lot harder to believe in,” said Muldrow.