York County mom creates STEM boxes to get kids away from screens


A York County mother is determined to get her kids away from screens and video games using science and technology.

What started as a fun activity has become a full-time job for Carrie Bryson.

“Our house is usually flooded with boxes; upstairs, downstairs, the whole house is flooded,” Bryson said.

Last year, Bryson began making mini science experiment kits for her sons and their fellow cub scouts; just something to keep them busy, she said.

“One of our most popular is called squishy circuits. Because kids love Play-Doh, you take the Play-Doh and you hook a battery to it and you can light up LED lights,” Bryson said.

Fast forward to today: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Discovery Boxes are being ordered by the hundreds. Each box contains four projects – meant for kids and teens – that incorporates science and technology. Now, taking orders from interested parents, schools, and as far as Australia, it has Bryson working day and night.

“Keeps me very busy between coming up with experiments, testing the experiments, ordering the supplies. I actually shoot my own photography, design my instruction cards, so there’s a lot that goes into it,” Bryson said.

“The kids love them. They’re not bored. They’re busy with their hands which is one of the important things. When you’re with a group of a lot of kids, you want to keep them busy with their hands,” said Matt Durling, Bryson’s son’s cub master.

Each box comes with a science lesson and can take 15 minutes to an hour to complete.

“If you need tape, the tape is in there. If you need glue, the glue is in there. Everything is included, so they can just sit down and actually have fun doing the project,” Bryson said.

“This is what they’re going to be doing vocationally. This builds the foundation for them to go into STEM programs,” Durling said.

You can order a STEM Discovery Box here.

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