York County sees some snow in southeastern areas, no sticking in north


YORK, Pa. (WHTM) – PennDOT crews didn’t have to use much salt from stockpiles Wednesday, and they’re okay with that.

The snow didn’t stick in most parts of York County except for in the southeast section.

“This is the wing plow for the truck,” PennDOT plow driver David Miller said as he showed ABC27 News his vehicle.

Miller didn’t have to use that plow Wednesday. His route from Manchester Township north to Newberrytown had mostly wet roads.

“I kind of wish it was snowing so we’d have something to do,” Miller said.

Miller is still watching the roads you drive on and keeping them clear.

“There’s a gauge here. There’s road temperature and air temperature,” Miller said as he pointed to the device on his dash.

Technology helps him gauge the conditions.

“If it gets down to freezing, we might start spreading a light coat of salt and anti-skid on the road just to keep it from freezing over,” Miller said.

“It’s been pretty easy for us. Mother Nature helped us out with the temperatures,” Gary Ishman said.

Gary Ishman, the assistant maintenance manager with PennDOT York County, says 55 snow plow drivers like Miller are out on York County roads.

“In the eastern part of the county like the Delta area, there was snow that laid on the grassy areas,” Ishman said. “They got two to three inches down there.”

About one to two inches stuck to the ground in Windsor Township. That’s in the Red Lion Area. The snow didn’t stick in Dillsburg and Dover.

Back to Miller, who has been plowing the roads for 30 years.

“I like to listen to anything. Rock. Country,” he said.

Miller listens to music to pass the time and has a piece of advice for drivers.

“Slow down and let us do what we have to do,” Miller said. “Hopefully, you’ll be able to go wherever you’re going.”

PennDOT is thankful to save money on this snowstorm for other projects.

“We were kind of happy about that,” Ishman said. “Obviously, the more material we can save now is money we can spend on blacktop when the weather gets right and fixing up roads, repairing potholes, and that kind of stuff.”

The 55 snow plow drivers will be out until 8 p.m. They’ll stay until midnight if the roads freeze. If not, a skeleton crew will monitor the roads overnight.

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