The York Raiders are a youth basketball program that was signed up to take part in a travel tournament, but it turns out the tournament was fake.

“Once I saw that social media pages were taken down I realized it was a scam,” said York Raiders Director Kerry Glover.

When 30 players and parents showed up to their tournament in New Jersey this past weekend to play, they got the surprise of a lifetime.

“Doors were locked they had signs on the doors saying the tournament was cancelled,” said Glover.

Glover says the tournament was run by David Kelly Sr. who operates Elevate Basketball Circuit.

“Registration alone was $1,600 per team,” said Glover.

USA Today reported more than 700 teams signed up for the fake tournament, meaning the supposed organizer walked away with a couple million dollars.

“I don’t see how you can sleep well at night after doing this to these kids,” said mother Stacey Adams.

Glover attempted to contact Kelly Sr. and so did we, but all we got was voice mail.

“The kids were hurt the most, that’s what hurt me,” said Glover.

Glover showed abc27 an email sent by Kelly Sr. himself promising Glover he would “refund their registration” but that never happened. Now Glover and other teams who forked over the registration fees to EBC plan to take legal action.

“To see what attorney’s we can contact to help us out so we can file a lawsuit,” said Glover.

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