Micah Parsons doesn’t shy away from the spotlight, in fact, he embraces it. Friday morning was Micah’s day in Dallas. To be introduced to his new home, and for his new home to be introduced to him.

The Dallas Cowboys selected the Penn State linebacker with the 12th overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft on Thursday night. It was the first step in the Harrisburg native’s journey in the NFL.

Having the night to sleep on the decision, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said he slept like a baby. It’s worth noting, however, the Cowboys only had one official zoom call with Micah before selecting him at No. 12.

In fact, Head Coach Mike McCarthy wasn’t even on that call, sparking questions as to what the organization possibly learned about the linebacker in one coversation.

What did he say to win over the franchise? It was his personality, competitiveness and drive to want to win and be the best. Plus, the Cowboys say Micah was the highest rated defensive prospect on their board.

Anyone who meets Micah will tell you the same thing; his personality is infectious. He has a smile that sparks joy and a laugh that would make a member of the British Royal Guard laugh along.

It was clear from his first press conference, the Dallas media has already embraced that fun-loving side of their new linebacker.

Micah spent time Friday afternoon addressing where he fits in inside the defense. Within minutes of stepping to the Cowboys facility, he was sitting with defensive coordinator Dan Quinn. The pair talking about using Micah on blitzes, matching him up against tight ends and running backs, and finding a place for his dynamic presence.

The linebacker was asked once again about his character and concerns teams may have had before drafting the Penn State alum. In a way, he addressed the lawsuit from a former player, calling the allegations false. Micah was never criminally charged in the alleged incident, and was not named as a defendant in the civil suit.

In less than 24 hours, Micah and his family were in Cleveland watching the Harrisburg product achieve a lifelong dream of making it the NFL, spent a night celebrating and woke up on their way to Dallas courtesy of Jerry Jones and a private plane. When asked what the last day was like, Micah joked that he didn’t know how to feel saying “think how you would feel if you’re 21 and just met Jerry Jones?”

Micah has set big goals headed into his professional football career: be drafted in the first round (complete), earn Rookie of the Year and win a Super Bowl.