STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (WHTM) – In Tuesday’s press conference Penn State’s head football coach James Franklin pointed out what he believes Nittany Lions quarterback Drew Allar has improved on recently.

“He’s doing a really good job of keeping the main thing the main thing, which is protecting the football, trying to create explosive plays when they’re there, but not forcing them,” said Franklin.

Franklin also said Allar has gotten better at managing the game.

“When you say managing the game, sometimes people look at that as like not a compliment,” Franklin said. “There is a lot on that guy’s plate. . . he’s being graded mentally as well as physically on every single play. He’s done a really good job. Getting more and more comfortable with that every week.”

Franklin says Allar has been working on his methodology of viewing film and studying game plans.

“Drew doesn’t have to be anything more than he was the previous weeks,” Franklin said. “Just continue to refine the process.”

Allar will not only be playing against the threatening opponent Ohio State for the first time, but it will also be his first collegiate appearance in his home state. Franklin doesn’t want the Medina, Ohio native to think about that too much.

“I want Drew to do the same thing he’s done all year long,” Franklin said. “I want him to prepare the same way. I want him to practice the same way.”

Allar and Penn State will take on the Buckeyes on Saturday at noon.