Questions about oral, head, and neck cancers? On Wednesday, April 15, Penn State Hershey Cancer Institute specialists Dr. David Goldenberg, head and neck surgeon, and Dr. Heath Mackley, radiation oncologist, will answer your questions and address topics such as the latest advances in treatment and research, clinical care and resources to support you, and life beyond diagnosis.

Join Dr. Goldenberg and Dr. Mackley from Penn State Hershey Cancer Institute as they answer your questions on Wednesday, April 15 at 1pm!



Dr. David Goldenberg

Head and neck surgical oncologist

Dr. David Goldenberg is chief of the Division of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Penn State Hershey Medical Center; director of head and neck surgery, associate director of surgical services, Penn State Hershey Cancer Institute; and professor of surgery and oncology, Penn State College of Medicine. His clinical expertise is in the surgical care of patients with head and neck cancer, thyroid cancer, and parathyroid disease. Dr. Goldenberg is the only head and neck surgeon in the region performing transoral robotic surgery and minimally invasive radioguided parathyroidectomy.


 Dr. Heath Mackley

Dr. Heath Mackley is associate professor of radiology, medicine, and pediatrics, Penn State College of Medicine. As a radiation oncologist at Penn State Hershey Cancer Institute, his clinical expertise is in the care of head and neck cancer with radiation using newer technologies, including image-guided intensity modulated radiotherapy, stereotactic radiosurgery, and brachytherapy.