GOP Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano’s campaign announced a $1 million ad buy on Monday after going months without releasing any televised spots.

The ad campaign includes one 30-second ad and one 60-second one that will air on digital and TV platforms, touting the candidate’s military leadership commanding Alpha Company, 229th Military Intelligence Battalion. The ad includes interviews of Mastriano, his wife and and a fellow veteran who served under him, Lance Fraze.

“It was really important to Doug to connect personally with his soldiers,” his wife, Rebbie Mastriano, says in one portion of the 60-second ad, called “Alpha County (60s).”

“But he did it by bringing up confidence, by bringing up standard,Fraze says in another portion of the ad. “We’d be on a run, and [a] soldier’s starting to get tired, and he’d run all the way around it, trying to motivate soldiers. I’d kept looking back and he’d be back there with a soldier who was falling out,” Fraze says in another portion of the ad.

The ad buy comes roughly five weeks out from the midterms, though Mastriano has not aired any televised ads since May, according to The New York Times. Recent polling has shown the far-right candidate, who has espoused false claims about the 2020 election and has previously pushed for a six-week abortion ban, trailing far behind Democratic contender Josh Shapiro. 

Campaign finance filings last month showed, too, that Shapiro was outspending Mastriano 8 to 1. The nonpartisan election handicapper Cook Political Report has rated the race as “likely Democrat.”