CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Another pit stop for Doug Mastriano, the Republican hopeful was leaning on some conservative star power in Chambersburg today.

“You can run Josh, but you can’t hide because in November we’re coming for you and you’re going to lose, “ said Doug Mastriano, Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial candidate.

Donald Trump Jr., the son of former President Donald Trump, was at the rally to boost Mastriano’s campaign, raise funds, and advance the Republican agenda.

“What is happening right now and what is destroying our country. What is creating inflation, eliminating energy dependence. What made all the prices at the grocery store go through the roof is democratic policy,” said Donald Trump Jr.

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Mastriano made the 2020 lockdowns a big sticking point, and he vowed to settle the trans student-athlete issue once and for all.  Mastriano also attacked his opponent, Josh Shapiro, and offered some plans of his own.

“I’m opening up state lands for development. We’re rolling back eight years of regulations. We’re going to speed up the permitting process and we’re going to drill and dig like there is no tomorrow,” Mastriano added.

Mastriano and Trump Jr. rallied in front of hundreds of energized and die-hard supporters, some who drove as far as West Virginia.

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“It’s time for a change in our government in Harrisburg. We need a leader and not a follower and someone who doesn’t listen to everybody else and has some ideas of his own,” said Carr Marks, of Pennsylvania.