(WHTM) — A State Senator is not ready to let it go. Doug Mastriano officially announced his intention to conduct an election audit despite no evidence of fraud or wrongdoing. He is getting plenty of pushback.

The election is long over but still questioned. Senator Doug Mastriano officially sent a letter “to several counties requesting information and materials needed to conduct a forensic investigation of the 2020 General Election and the 2021 Primary.”

Mastriano wants select counties to send him documents by the end of July insisting millions of Pennsylvanians have serious doubts about 2020 adding “Discounting or mocking their concerns is neither an answer nor proper in this constitutional republic.”

“You have to accept the results and the results are that Trump lost and Biden won,” Sen. John Kane (D- Chester, Delaware) said.

Senate Democrats question whether Mastriano has the legal authority to conduct such an audit and question the motives of the zealous Trump supporter. “Does he have aspirations of running for a higher office? Maybe. Does he think this will help him? I don’t know that, he must think it must,” Sen. Kane said.

Governor Wolf worries about the cost. “If they do this and machines actually get opened they’re gonna be decertified,” Wolf said. That has happened in Arizona, after the controversial audit that inspired Mastriano.

Wolf says he also has privacy concerns for voters in York, Tioga. and Philadelphia Counties. “This is gonna open up in those three counties, information on people who may not want that information to be out there,” Wolf said.

Mastriano won’t have the full support of House Republicans. “The House won’t be engaging in any further audits from previous elections,” Rep. Seth Grove (R) Chair of the State Government Committee said. And yes, State Rep. Seth Grove is taking heat for that stance. “There are upset people who demand an election audit,” Rep. Grove said.

And now their leader is officially trying, Mastirano saying, “This investigation is not about overturning the results of either election. The goals are to restore faith in the integrity of our system.”

Democrats say elections don’t need to be investigated but Mastriano’s actions on January 6 at the US Capitol do.

You can read Mastriano’s full Op-Ed through the link here.