HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — In just over one month, Pennsylvania will have a new governor, Josh Shapiro, marking the end of the eight-year Tom Wolf administration.

Wolf, a York County native, spoke to abc27 about his time in Harrisburg in an interview covering a wide array of topics, including election integrity and the budget surplus.

However, there was no doubt that the biggest story for the Wolf administration was the COVID-19 pandemic and how the governor’s office handled it.

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Gov. Wolf shut down schools and determined which businesses were essential or non-essential. Was it too much?

Through constitutional amendments, voters have placed restrictions on future governor’s emergency powers.

Does Wolf think he was too restrictive during the pandemic?

“Again, I’ll be second-guessing myself for the rest of my life, but we needed to do something to try to keep people from congregating and getting sick and overwhelming the healthcare system. And for whatever reason, we never did overwhelm the health care system,” said Wolf.

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Wolf said he was motivated by videos of Italy and New York City showing packed hospitals and overworked medical staff.

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