HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — State House Republicans are in a bah humbug mood after the release of re-districted seats that they insist are gerrymandered. They aired their grievances at the Capitol on Tuesday, Dec. 21, in Harrisburg.

“This is what they’re proposing as my new district and let’s be clear it looks really close to the original gerrymander in Massachusetts,” said State Representative Joe Hamm (R), Lycoming County.

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Commissioner Nordenberg said boundaries were drawn with great thought and great care. Republicans exclaimed they’re flat-out unfair.

“This unconstitutional Nordenberg map prioritized political data from his academic standards at the cost of established constitutional and court standards, in order to gerrymander on behalf of democrats. Period,” said State Representative Seth Grove (R), State Government Committee chair.

Democrats ask why such a clatter. This is what fairness looks like. And that’s what should matter.

“This is what happens when you have decades of gerrymandering it needs to be fixed sometime. This is the ear we’re fixing, and my colleagues need to understand it’s still a Republican-leaning map. You can’t get around that,” added State Representative Scott Conklin (D), State Government Committee chair.

The Democrats seem bemused with a collective yawn. Republicans complain their districts are haphazardly drawn.

“People living in rural parts of Pennsylvania would have to drive lengthy distances to access constituent services currently offered close to their homes,” said State Representative John Hershey (R), Juniata/Franklin counties.

“How does one of our fastest-growing counties in Pennsylvania actually lose representation in the State House. That makes no sense,” added State Representative Sheryl Delozier, (R), Cumberland County.

“For most people, they don’t care who sits in the district office. They just want to know where the district office and they want it to be local?” said State Representative Perry Stambaugh R) Perry/Cumberland counties.

Perhaps there will be changes after Santa takes his big flight. But, don’t be surprised by an even bigger court fight.

‘All we’re trying to do is undo the damage my colleagues have done over the decades,” State Rep. Conklin said.

There are still a few weeks of public comment, and there could be changes to the map. But, if it will likely end up in court.