HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — The impeachment of Philadelphia’s District Attorney is being appealed to the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court. However, it’s not clear yet whether the justices hear the case.

A right-to-know request, uncovered by abc27, shows that going after Krasner has been a very expensive proposition for Pennsylvania.

House Republicans want Krasner out. They say his policies have directly led to a spike in crime and death in Philadelphia, therefore he should be impeached.

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Krasner objected and a Commonwealth court agreed, concluding the House’s case, “fails to support an impeachable charge of misbehavior in office.”

“By its definition, it is misbehavior in office we intend to make these arguments to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court,” said Rep. Craig Williams (R-Chester/Delaware Counties).

The House is appealing the argument to the State Supreme Court.

What’s not so appealing? The cost.

The right-to-know request shows the House GOP has spent more than $1 million so far, most of it to law firm K&L Gates.

“It’s a disgrace,” said Jamie Gauthier, Philadelphia city councilmember.

Philadelphia city councilwoman Gauthier calls the impeachment a political witch hunt.

“This was about Larry Krasner winning at the ballot box and the state GOP having to come at him a different way,” Gauthier added.

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The State Senate has also hired lawyers, and in a statement, the city said it spent $25,000 so far defending Krasner, but that number is expected to increase significantly.

Krasner’s spokeswoman said, “Pennsylvania House Republicans repeatedly demonstrate they care little about our democracy, the constitution, the law, or the truth while stuffing their Republican lawyer friends’ pockets with taxpayers’ money.”

House Republicans aren’t responding to complaints about the costs, but insist they are trying to remove a menace who is a threat to public safety.

“We’re always told they don’t have the money, but they seem to have the money necessary to disenfranchise black and brown voters in Philadelphia, and I think it’s a disgrace,” Gauthier said. “We could put that million dollars to use. They wasted it.”

And it doesn’t stop at $1 million. House Republicans are appealing, which means the meter is still running.