(WHTM) — Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman has already received a new title this year as United States Senator-elect, but The New York Times has given him one that’s somewhat unexpected.

Fetterman was named to The New York Times Styles’ 93 Most Stylish ‘People’ of 2022, a list that included Mary J. Blige, Lewis Hamilton, Brad Pitt, and the late Queen Elizabeth II.

“High and low. Fun and serious. Curious and open-minded. Reveling in characters. Appreciating the material world. Inviting everyone to the party. All of these are ways that The Times’s Styles desk defines its approach to whom and what it covers,” said the piece produced by Anthony Rotunno, Christy Harmon, and Callie Holtermann.

The New York Times said Fetterman will bring his Carhartt sweatshirts often seen on the campaign trail to the United States Capitol. Fetterman rarely wore a suit on the campaign trail except for his appearances in two abc27 debates and a tarmac meeting with President Joe Biden.

Fetterman even wore his sweatshirts at events with Biden and former President Barack Obama leading up to the election.

Fetterman responded to the selection saying “what a totally normal year it’s been for me.”

In our first look at Fetterman in the capitol, he was pictured wearing a suit while greeting U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

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Fetterman declared victory in the Pennsylvania U.S. Senate race after receiving more than 2.7 million votes against Republican Mehmet Oz in November’s election. Fetterman is projected to receive more than 51% of the vote while Oz received more than 46%.

Fetterman’s victory gives Pennsylvania two Democrat U.S. Senators for just the third time since 1914.

Fetterman’s expected election to the Senate comes nearly six months after he suffered a stroke. Fetterman experienced auditory processing issues that required closed captioning for many of his interviews and the abc27 debate, but his doctors have said he’s fit to serve

The former Mayor of Braddock, a borough outside Pittsburgh, Fetterman graduated from Harvard University with a master’s in Public Policy. He joined AmeriCorps and started a GED program in Braddock. 

Fetterman will be sworn in as Pennsylvania’s next U.S. Senator in January 2023.