(WHTM) – A majority of Pennsylvania voters approve of Governor Josh Shapiro‘s job performance five months after he was sworn in, according to a new Quinnipiac University Poll.

The survey found 57% of voters support Shapiro’s handling of his job, with 23% disapproving and 20% with no opinion.

Democrats overwhelmingly supported Shapiro with 84% support, followed by 53% of Independents and 41% of Republicans.

Shapiro’s handling of the I-95 collapse in Philadelphia, which led to the highway reopening after less than two weeks, “buoyed” voter’s perceptions of his overall job performance, said Quinnipiac University Polling Analyst Tim Malloy.

Seventy-four percent of voters approved of Shapiro’s response to the highway collapse. A slim majority (51%) supported Shapiro’s handling of the state budget, while 25% disapprove and the remaining voters did not have an opinion.

Shapiro has a double-digit cushion in his approval rating compared to other Pennsylvania lawmakers. Senator Bob Casey received a 44% job approval rating while Senator John Fetterman had just a 39% approval rating.

Fifty percent of voters had a negative perception of Fetterman’s job performance early in his first term.

President Joe Biden had a 57% disapproval rating with only 39% supporting his performance.

The poll also surveyed Republicans on the 2024 Presidential Primary with 49% supporting former President Donald Trump and 25% supporting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Eight in ten voters say they can afford to live in Pennsylvania and 12% of voters said their personal finances are getting better.

The Quinnipiac University Poll had a +/- 2.5% margin of error and was conducted from June 22-26.