HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — 2022 is here and that means we’re officially in a huge election year. Open seats, new districts being drawn, and TV ads everywhere, even from a guy who’s not officially running.

There’s the rich former TV doc from New Jersey. The rich former ambassador to Denmark whose mostly lived in California, and the rich and now former hedgefund guy from Connecticut who is running ads but not officially announced he’s running.

“I have to say I’m a bit puzzled by it,” Chris Nicholas of Eagle Consulting said.

“It would be nice to get a Senate candidate who has spent an extended amount of time in Pennsylvania continuously and not chasing after their fortune on other states,” Danielle Gross of Shelly Lyons Communications said.

“A lot of my Democratic friends like Danielle see that as a bug, I see it as a feature. That there are so many Republicans want to carry the banner and keep the seat in the GOP slot,” Nicholas said.

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The senate seat is being vacated by retiring Republican Pat Toomey. National Democrats think it’s their best chance at a flip. “This Senate seat is more important to Republicans than Democrats because it’s a seat we’ve had going back to the ’60s,” Nicholas said.

“The race is getting real,” Carla Sands said. She was Donald Trump’s Danish Ambassador, she’s also courting his voters and his endorsement. “Others are in the race as well but I told him I’m the only one that’s not a rino but can also get elected.”

Big-name Democrats seeking the senate seat include Congressman Lamb, Lieutenant Governor Fetterman, State Rep Kenyatta, and Community Commissioner Arkoosh. Will this fight get ugly? “I would be surprised if it got really down and dirty but you very much could be surprised,” Gross said.

Lots of Republicans want to replace Governor Wolf. and the field may not be set yet. “I think Senator Doug Mastriano is one and I think Congresswoman Melissa Hart from Pittsburgh area is another one,” Nicholas said.

Two hot races. Lots of candidates. Politicians aren’t the only winners. “Crowded primaries are full employment projects for people like me,” Nicholas said.

Republicans running for governor will have their first debate on Wednesday night. 13 podiums are needed.