HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Lawmakers are putting the finishing touches on the state budget this week before its due date of June 30.

Pennsylvania actually has a good problem this time around. More than $7 billion coming from the feds. Plus, state revenues are $3 billion ahead of projects.

However, there are still issues. Democrats want to spend to fix what they call, structural problems. Republicans on the other hand want to save some of it for the future and that is where the fight lies.

“We’ve learned from the past that when you use a large influx of federal funding in one year, especially for recurring sources of revenue, that sets you up very poorly in future years when state can’t make up for those revenue losses from the federal government,” Jason Gottesman, House GOP spokesman, said.

“This is a historic opportunity, let’s not make it an historic opportunity missed,” Rep. Matt Bradford (D), appropriations chairman said.

According to reports, lawmakers hope to have the budget wrapped up by this weekend at the latest.