HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – A Pennsylvania lawmaker plans to introduce a bill that would limit the number of firearms a resident can purchase in a 30 day period.

State Representative Melissa Shusterman (D-Chester) says Pennsylvania is part of the “Iron Pipeline,” a network of states with gun laws that could allow buyers to obtain firearms for illegal purchases.

According to Shusterman, roughly 8,850 “crime guns” were traced to Pennsylvania in 2020.

Shusterman says her bill would allow one handgun purchase per person within any 30-day period.  The bill would create exceptions for licensed firearm dealers, licensed collectors, law enforcement and correctional facilities, licensed private security companies, antique firearms, and stolen firearms.  

The bill would also allow residents to earn “advance permission” to purchase more than one gun during the 30 day period.

“We must accept that we have a responsibility to end the illegal firearm trafficking taking place in Pennsylvania,” said Shusterman.