HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Three state senators recently proposed a bill that would replace old drinking fountains to eliminate lead-tainted drinking water in schools.

The proposed legislation was first posted on Tuesday, March 28, and is being sponsored by Sen. Devlin J. Robinson, Sen. John I. Kane, and Sen. Art Haywood.

According to the proposed bill, it seeks to expand upon Act 39 of 2018, which encouraged schools to test for lead in their drinking water, and then provide a report to the Department of Education if the findings were harmful.

As part of this expansion of Act 39, the proposed legislation would require all old drinking fountains to be replaced with lead-filtering drinking stations by 2025. Additionally, this bill would provide an unspecified amount of funding to schools to make this transition.

There are well-documented, detrimental effects of lead consumption for those under the age of 18. Some of these effects consist of brain and nervous system damage, physical growth delays, learning and behavioral problems, and speech and hearing impairment.

“We are working closely with stakeholders to explore how we can most effectively and responsibly implement this necessity to provide clean, safe water for our students in rural, suburban, and urban schools across Pennsylvania,” said the lawmakers.

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