(WHTM)– Governor Shapiro on Wednesday signed four new laws into existence for Pennsylvania.

Tobacco products, fuel systems, and fingerprints are the subjects of legislation signed by Shapiro, each formally known as House Bill 1407, Senate Bill 836, House Bill 1171, and House Bill 1209.

HB 1407 and HB 1209, both deal with tobacco products, more specifically the sale of them. One law says, in part, that “the Department of Revenue shall promulgate regulations necessary to ascertain the number of cigarettes sold by the tobacco product manufacturer in this Commonwealth for each year.”

The second bill, in part, would “ensure the deposit of the required escrow payment on contraband cigarettes” and improve enforcement of deposits.

Under HB 1171, any fuel-dispensing system must have an emergency shut-off or an electrical disconnect must be installed somewhere that can’t be closer than 20 feet or further than 100 feet.

The master control emergency shut-off can not be farther than 350 feet from the device it is connected to. Emergency shut-offs should also have electrical disconnects.

“The convenience store and fuel industries have changed significantly since the Combustible and Flammable Liquids Act was enacted in 1998. The massive growth in size of convenience stores and the number of gas pumps being put over the past 25 years made the 200-foot distance both impractical and unsafe for businesses and consumers alike,” State Rep. Carol Hill-Evans (D-York) said. “I appreciate the work of the legislature when considering my bill and thank Governor Shapiro for signing it into law.”

Under the fourth bill signed by Governor Shapiro, it is now required that “any individual applying to the commission to attend basic police training at a school, or an individual applying to the commission for certification as a police officer or any individual applying to the commission for approval as an instructor or school director to submit fingerprints and other identifying information to the Pennsylvania State Police.”

That information would then be sent to the FBI for a criminal history check. Information obtained in the check can only be used as part of the application process.

More information regarding the newly signed bills by Governor Shapiro can be found by clicking here.