HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro on Tuesday signed three bills into law.

Senate Bill 500, also known as Owen’s Law, amends a 1967 law that requires medical assistance coverage for medically prescribed pasteurized donor human milk for inpatient and outpatient infants.

The milk would be eligible for assistance coverage if necessary for inpatient or outpatient infants and the infant’s mother is unable to produce breast milk.

“This legislation will ensure that evidence-based coverage for PDHM is provided to that small subset of infants who are unable to thrive on commercially available specialty formulas or who have medical conditions that require donor human milk,” said State Senators Michele Brooks (R-Crawford/Lawrence/Mercer) and Judith Schwank (D-Berks).

House Bill 507 would not allow for pelvic exams to be performed on patients without their consent. The law covers pelvic, rectal, and prostate examinations with exceptions for medical emergencies or within the scope of care ordered.

Patients will now have to give written and verbal consent to the exams.

“Right now, patients who walk into the hospital for a procedure may not be aware of what happens while they are under anesthesia,” said State Reps. Elizabeth Fiedler (D-Philadelphia) and Liz Hanbridge (D-Montgomery) last year. “It’s a shocking and disturbing realization for many people that medical students may perform a pelvic exam on a female patient who is under anesthesia for an unrelated procedure.”

House Bill 295 amends the Soil and Plant Amendment Act to “realign the product registration process and tonnage reporting with that of fertilizer,” according to State Rep. Christopher Rabb (D-Philadelphia).