HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Pennsylvania House Republicans have introduced legislation requiring voters to provide identification before voting.

The bill introduced by Republican Representatives Thomas Kutz (Cumberland) and Torren Ecker (Adams/Cumberland) would create a constitutional amendment to require voter ID.

The proposal would allow for photo and non-photo ID options as acceptable forms of voter ID. A list of potential options was not immediately made available by lawmakers.

If passed, Pennsylvania voters would need to approve the constitutional amendment through a voter referendum.

“Every eligible person should have the right to vote and be able to exercise that right freely and with confidence that his or her vote counts. Eligibility needs to be established, however, through identification, which is not unlike the ID cards we need to show at a doctor’s office, a bank, or even a library, Kutz said.

Kutz and Ecker said they support making ID cards free to those who cannot otherwise afford them.

Pennsylvania House Speaker Mark Rozzi has said the House will not consider any other legislation until it passes a bill creating a constitutional amendment to increase the window for which survivors of sexual abuse can file a claim.

Governor Tom Wolf called a special session for lawmakers to vote on the legislation. Rozzi says the House and Senate need to approve the legislation for it to appear on the May primary ballot.

“With that in mind, let me be clear: as long as I am speaker of the House of Representatives, the House will consider no other legislation until the General Assembly passes” the amendment for the second time, Rozzi said.