HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Pennsylvania House Speaker Mark Rozzi (D-Berks) unveiled a list of “Rozzi Rules” that he says will create a “more bipartisan operation.”

“While many politicians talk the talk about good governance, I intend to walk the walk,” said Rozzi.

“When the House returns to regular session next week, I plan to introduce the Rozzi Rules, rules that will fix many of the issues that have prevented a majority of the members from passing good legislation, will give a voice to the minority, and will address several other issues that were raised on our listening tour.”

The changes Rozzi says he will propose are:

  • fixing the discharge process so that a committee chairman cannot hold legislation hostage from a majority of the House;
  • fixing the special order of business process so that a leader cannot hold legislation hostage from a majority of the House;
  • making committee composition more proportional between the parties than ever before;
  • providing that constitutional amendments cannot be placed on the primary ballot where only a fraction of Pennsylvanians participate;
  • providing that House-originated bills proposing a constitutional amendment can only include one subject;
  • providing for increased protection against sexual harassment and discrimination in the House.

The announcement comes after weeks of stalemate in the House as lawmakers attempted to pass a constitutional amendment and law that would open a window for survivors of childhood sexual abuse to file a civil claim against their alleged abusers.

After his surprising election to the speakership, Rozzi pledged not to take up any other legislation until the amendment was passed.

Earlier this week the House advanced the amendment and is expected to fully pass it on Friday, where it will then go to the Senate. Rozzi’s future as speaker remains in question, particularly if the amendment is fully passed.