HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – As Pennsylvania House lawmakers return to Harrisburg, a Philadelphia-area Democrat is proposing a new ethics package focused on campaign and lobbying reform.

In a memo to House colleagues on Tuesday, Rep. Joe Webster (D-Montgomery) says current state laws allow for unlimited donations for state and local candidates, the ability for lawmakers to accept gifts, and just a one year prohibition on former lawmakers becoming lobbyists.

“Current ethics laws are riddled with loopholes, which leads to corruptive influences controlling our state government,” said Webster.

Under the new ethics reform package unveiled on Tuesday, Webster is proposing a limit on campaign donations for all candidates running for office in Pennsylvania. The bill would align Pennsylvania donation limits to the Federal Election Commission limits for federal candidates.

The second bill would prohibit public officials and public employees from accepting or soliciting transportation, lodging, hospitality, cash, gift, or anything of economic value from a person who is seeking a contractual, business, or financial relationship. The bill will also update an individual’s statement of financial interest to increase transparency.

The third and final piece of legislation will prohibit public officials and public employees from becoming a compensated lobbyist for a period of five years after leaving their job.

“Please join me in showing Pennsylvanians that now is the time to put the people back in charge of our state government,” said Webster.