HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – A Pennsylvania lawmaker says students should be allowed to take absences without a doctor’s note for mental health days.

State Rep. Napoleon Nelson (D-Montgomery) announced plans to introduce the legislation in a memo to House members.

Nelson’s bill would allow students to take three excused absences for mental health reasons without a doctor’s note.

According to Nelson, Oregon and Utah have implemented similar measures for students.

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“Providing mental health days would encourage students to take care of their mental health as they would their physical health,” said Nelson.

According to Nelson’s memo to House members, about one in three high school students reported experiencing poor mental health most of the time or always during the pandemic, and almost 20 percent of students had seriously considered attempting suicide.

“It is time that mental health supports are normalized in schools, allowing for schools to better understand how they can help students who take absences.”