HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – A trio of Pennsylvania lawmakers is proposing a plan to incentivize four day workweeks.

In a memo to lawmakers on Tuesday, State Representatives Dave Madsen (D-Dauphin), Chris Pielli (D-Chester), and Josh Siegel (D-Lehigh) say the labor market and “changed drastically” since the 5-day workweek was established over 100 years ago.

In the proposed legislation, the lawmakers say they plan to incentivize companies who participate in a four-day 32-hour workweek. Employers who would participate in the proposed Department of Labor and Industry pilot program may be eligible for a state income tax credit.

To receive the tax credit, qualifying companies would have to comply with certain program requirements.

“It is time we give Pennsylvania workers a fair deal, so their workdays reflect the needs of a modern society and workplace,” said the lawmakers

The lawmakers say recent studies have shown an increase in productivity and revenue during four-day workweeks. One study in the UK found “resoundingly positive” results in trials with improvements to revenue, hiring, absenteeism, and resignations.

“Shorter working hours left them less stressed and burned out, with their feedback also suggesting improved mental and physical health – perhaps not surprising given their increased time exercising and lower levels of fatigue,” read the study’s conclusion. “As a result of the four-day week many employees therefore reported that their life satisfaction had improved.”