(WHTM) – Last month the Republican-led Pennsylvania State Senate overwhelmingly passed a bill that would move Pennsylvania’s primary date up to March 19, 2024.

In an email to House Leader Matthew Bradford (D) on Thursday, Senate Majority Leader Joe Pittman (R) urged the House to act before time runs out for counties to prepare.

Pittman says that the House’s only option is to quickly revert to the prior printer’s number on Senate Bill 224 and send the bill directly to Governor Shapiro.

March 19 was selected due to the Jewish Holiday of Passover and the Christian Holiday of Easter.

April 2 was another date considered but due to Easter, the Senate decided to not use that date and cause disruptions.

Pittman states that time is of the essence for the House to either close on the matter or revert to the prior printer’s number and send the bill to Shapiro due to the concerns that are coming from counties, churches, and schools, which typically host polling places.

Counties in Pennsylvania have told Democratic Gov. Josh Shapiro and lawmakers that it is too late to move up the state’s 2024 presidential primary date if counties are to successfully administer the election.

In a letter, the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania said there is no longer enough time for counties to handle the tasks associated with moving next year’s primary election from the current date set in law, April 23.

“While we thank the General Assembly and the administration for their thoughtful discussions around this matter, at this date counties can no longer guarantee there will be sufficient time to make the changes necessary to assure a primary on a different date would be successful,” the organization’s executive director, Lisa Schaefer, wrote in the letter dated Friday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report