HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Murders and crime are way up in Philadelphia and Republicans in Harrisburg want to impeach Larry Krasner, the city’s district attorney. The progressive Democrat has not broken the law, but he has stepped on a lot of toes.

“This is what we said it was — it’s a stunt. It’s political. No one is taking it seriously,” Krasner said. “The requirement for impeachment is that you actually be convicted of an offense.”

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Senator Jake Corman, a candidate for governor, is one Republican lawmaker wanting to impeach him

“It’s a dereliction of duty. People’s lives are at risk in the city of Philadelphia,” Senator Corman said.

Krasner has not been convicted of an offense, but he has offended many in Pennsylvania, including Independent Senator John Yudichak.

“We have a DA that has publicly said there’s no crime in Philadelphia. He had to walk that back,” Yudichak said.

But Krasner blames Republicans in Harrisburg for violence, saying they are too lenient on gun regulations and do not properly fund schools or programs that work. He says they are too comfortable locking up too many people of color and don’t like the change he brings.

“You stop messing around with turnstile jumping, you stop messing around with somebody who has one bag of weed in his pocket, you stop messing around with the little stuff so you can focus on the big stuff,” Krasner said.

When asked if he bought into the idea that the “little stuff” could lead to the bigger stuff, he responded, “not only do I not buy it, the science is very clear that that’s nonsense.”

But it is not just Republicans upset with Krasner, former Democratic Philadelphia mayors Ed Rendell and Michael Nutter have also criticized Krasner’s approach. He blasts right back and tells them to look in the mirror.

“They are entitled to their legacy which includes mass incarceration, it includes the defunding of public schools and prevention, and it includes illegal tactics used by police that have been incredibly harmful. I have chosen a different path,” Krasner said.

Krasner also notes that Republicans like Senator Corman never called for the impeachment of Republican district attorneys in the state who were actually convicted of crimes.