HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Allegheny County State Representative Valerie Gaydos (R) is throwing her hat in the ring for House Speaker.

Gaydos released a letter saying “I strongly believe I am uniquely positioned to serve as Speaker of the House.”

Gaydos is in her fourth term in the State House but says her 25 years of running businesses makes her the perfect choice in bitterly partisan times.

“Party affiliation has never been a factor in making a decision in the business sector,” says Gaydos.

Until three special elections are held in Democrat-dominant districts next year, Republicans will hold a 101-99 majority in the State House. Democrats anticipate making Joanna McClinton Speaker as soon as they have a majority.

“We know this story ends with Joanna McClinton being the speaker, says Brittany Crampsie of Britcramp Communications.

Until then, the Republicans could elect their own speaker and if it’s Gaydos she would be the first woman in Pennsylvania history to hold that seat, however brief the tenure.

“Republicans have held majority in the chamber for 15 years and never once put up a woman and never supported a woman never supported a woman for this role until they would only  have it for a few weeks until allowing Joanna McClinton to take the gavel,” says Crampsie.

Several Republicans who received Gaydos’ letter said they will offer up a speaker candidate but they don’t think it’ll be her. It may not be known who that is until the day of the vote on January 3, 2023.

Gaydos says she hopes others do run for the speaker’s gavel, saying “let’s have a robust discussion, may the best person who’s the right person be elected.”