PENNSYLVANIA (WHTM) — A Republican State Senator from Centre County wants Philadelphia’s District Attorney impeached.

Jake Corman sent a letter to the state house asking it to begin impeachment proceedings against Philly DA Larry Krasner. In the letter, Corman cites “The recent spike of violent crimes is a direct result of DA Krasner’s failed policies and his refusal to perform the duties of his office to hold criminals accountable for the crimes they commit.”

“Not only has it become untenable and fearful for people to live there, businesses aren’t gonna wanna come there. You’re putting the city in a crisis. Somebody needs to step up and do something about it. If people want to say I’m being political, fine. I don’t care. I want to get something done,” Corman said.

The state house responded to Corman’s letter with the following statement:

We appreciate the senate’s letter. The potential impeachment of Larry Krasner and other rogue officials is something our caucus has been examining and will continue to actively look at. What is abundantly clear is Philadelphia’s unchecked violence is a direct failure of city leaders and the District Attorney to take most basic necessary steps to keep Pennsylvanian’s safe. House Republicans have been leading on this issue by providing more resources to city prosecutors and starting the process of once again giving the Attorney General concurrent jurisdiction to prosecute gun crimes while also doing more to bring accountability to district attorneys across Pennsylvania. We are glad to see the Senate join us in our efforts to hold Larry Krasner responsible for his abysmal failure to enforce the law.

House Republican Caucus Spokesperson Jason Gottesman

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The office of District Attorney Krasner issued this response:

Considering he just hired Kellyanne Conway to run his primary campaign, nothing about Jake Corman’s stunt today is surprising. From his call for the legislature to overturn the results of an election their side lost to inaccurately citing the article in the Pennsylvania Constitution outlining the House’s impeachment powers. That Corman is lowering the bar in a primary field that includes a senator who attended the Capitol insurrection and bussed Pennsylvanians there, says a lot about his party right now. As a reminder, DA Larry Krasner trounced his primary opponent two to one and spanked his Republican opponent three to one. Larry swept precincts that see the highest rates of violent crime, because people who have been victimized by violence know that true justice means prevention and investment in their communities, not just punishment for Black and brown and poor people. Jake Corman and PA Republicans are trying to distract from the fact that they’ve done nothing to prevent gun violence. They’ve created fewer sustainable jobs, deepened poverty, gutted public education, and destroyed social services. They’ve made Pennsylvania less productive, less economically attractive to workers and businesses, and less healthy and safe. Larry and the Philadelphia voters who support him understand that investing in people through education to affordable housing to health care to fair wages makes our communities safer. Jake Corman would rather point fingers at someone who’s been in office for four years than take accountability for what he’s failed to deliver for the past 25 in a seat he inherited from his father.

Communications Director for the Office of DA Larry Krasner, Jane Roh

Any impeachment would need to begin in the house which said it will consider Corman’s request, which you can view in full here.