(WHTM) — The debt ceiling bill passed in Congress on Wednesday night with two members from Pennsylvania voting no. One of the members is a liberal Democrat and the other a conservative Republican who both share a disdain for the bill but for very different reasons.

Every single Pennsylvania Republican voted for the debt ceiling bill except one: Scott Perry, who says it doesn’t cut enough spending.

“Some might say, well, that was a good negotiation. I would say that that it favored democrats more than favored Republicans,” said Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA 10th District). “We’re literally, every time, having to borrow money just to pay our our debts. And that’s not a good sign yet. We keep doing it and now we’re going to do it even more.”

But Perry’s Commonwealth conference colleagues disagree.

“This act was not perfect. We need to additionally rein in spending, but we also have the responsibility of paying our debts and moving forward to protect the economy in the United States,” said Congressman John Joyce (R-PA 13th District).

“Some chose not to vote for this bill because it didn’t go far enough. You know, I think if you advance the ball down the field a yard at a time, that’s worth that’s worth doing,” added Congressman Lloyd Smucker (R-PA 11th District).

Every single Pennsylvania Democrat voted for the bill except one: proud progressive Summer Lee, who said it cuts too much adding.

“I can not use the poorest people as a bargaining chip, and I can not reward Republican villainy and their extreme tactics with more votes than needed to defer this default,” Lee said.

The GOP speaker got more votes from Democrats than Republicans.

“It’s certainly not a good look,” Perry said. “If you’re fulfilling the goals of your opposition and that, that’s not a successful engagement at that point.”

Perry says Speaker McCarthy isn’t in jeopardy of being dumped, but his Freedom Caucus isn’t happy.

“I think that we will sit down next week and see how we can work things out so that we don’t have these kind of slip ups again,” said Perry.

But other Republicans seem tired of the Freedom Caucus’ demands. Smucker didn’t name Perry, but did say this.

“I was disappointed at the number of people in our conference who didn’t vote for it because it’s a good, it’s a good conservative bill. You know, some will just never get to yes. On a bill,” Smucker said.

Both Lee and Perry are former State Representatives in Harrisburg and one insider said if Lee is against it and Perry is against it, it must be ok.