(WHTM) — June is the month that lawmakers divvy up the state’s Green and Craft, a budget plan, but today the governor was focused on green energy.

“A climate crisis is happening before our very eyes,” Senator Carolyn Comitta (D), of Chester, said.

To slow it down, Governor Wolf is putting Pennsylvania in the regional greenhouse gas initiative, or RGGI estimated green light next year.

“Being part of RGGI will reduce carbon emissions by 188 million tons by 2030 and that’s just Pennsylvania,” Dianne Herrin, (D) chester said.

RGGI would generate hundreds of millions by charging power companies that generate electricity. They would be taxed for the amount of CO2 they produce.

“We have to act and we need to act quickly to reduce greenhouse gas emission and slow the warming of our climate before we lose more businesses, more homes and more lives,” Gov. Wolf said.

“We are the state of natural resources, joining RGGI is the kick in the stomach,” Rep. Carrie Lewis Delrosso (R), of Allegheny/Westmoreland, said.

However, dirty fuels are not the future, democrats say. Wall Street’s not investing in them. Governments are targeting them. So, they’re pushing bills to take RGGI dollars and use them to help impacted communists and workers.

“It’s so tempting to close your eyes and say it’s not happening, not gonna happen, but it will happen, it has happened, it is happening,” Gov. Wolf said. “Let’s do something about it.”

Critics insist RGGI will cost billions and do very little to actually reduce emissions. Not enough gain for all the pain, standard.