The U.S. Senate race in Pennsylvania is heating up and drawing national attention. 

The polls are tightening between Dr. Mehmet Oz and Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, with just 33 days until voters head to the polls. 

Both candidates are hitting the campaign trail, and tonight, Democratic candidate John Fetterman made a stop in Erie. It was Fetterman’s second stop since his stroke and return to the campaign trail.

Fetterman spoke to a crowd of about 200 supporters on Thursday night in Erie. Fetterman has previously said the candidate that will win Erie County will likely win the state.

All eyes are on Pennsylvania’s race for U.S. Senate as Fetterman faces off against Oz.

Following a stroke in May, Fetterman took a break from the campaign trail to recover. But Thursday night he was back in Erie rallying support for a second time since his stroke.

He was joined by several well known Democrats, including Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown and Congressional candidate Dan Pastore.

“We’re very excited to have Lieutenant Governor Fetterman back in Erie tonight, and pleased to have him joined by Senator Casey and Senator Brown. It’s a wonderful testament to the spirit of Erie and the importance of Erie in this election cycle,” said Jim Wertz, chairman, Erie County Democratic Party.

As Fetterman took the stage, he took subtle and not so subtle jabs at his opponent, Dr. Oz.

“My question to all of you about this campaign is, if you don’t live here, how the hell do you fight for here?” said Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, D, U.S. Senate candidate.

Democrats say electing Fetterman will help northwestern Pennsylvania working families and unions.

Local Democratic leaders shared with us what makes Erie such a unique and important political location.

“We have a proud tradition here of manufacturing and we really want to bring that back. I think people look to Erie because of our diversity and how we represent really a cross section of all of Pennsylvania,” said Dan Pastore, D, Pennsylvania congressional candidate, 16th District.

We asked to speak with John Fetterman for a one-on-one interview, but were told he was on a tight schedule and would not be available.

The Oz campaign released the following statement in response to Fetterman’s rally in Erie:

“What does John Fetterman know about workers? He hasn’t held a real job, he skipped work one-third of the time as mayor of Braddock, and he’s advocated for raising taxes on hardworking Pennsylvanians while failing to pay his 67 taxes.”

“Not only is John Fetterman out of touch with Pennsylvania’s working middle class, but his support for radical policies would devastate our economy, hurt small business owners, and take jobs away from Pennsylvania.”