(WHTM) – Pennsylvania election day is Tuesday, May 17, and candidates are sprinting to the finish line and making their last-minute pitches to primary voters.

United States Senate candidate Dave McCormick spoke to an intimate group at a local brewery, giving some reasons why he is the best pick for Senator. “Who shares conservative values, who can win in November, and who’s gonna go on the job day one and know what to do?”

Former candidate Carla Sands says the sands are shifting in the race and she’s got a shot.

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“If they want a constitutional conservative in the Senate, they’re gonna vote for us, for Carla Sands for Senate, because I’m a reliable ‘America First’ vote, nobody else is,” Sands said.

The rest of the Republican field, including former President Donald Trump, endorsed Mehmet Oz, who would no doubt dispute these claims. Oz and McCormick also made their last best pitch to voters across the Commonwealth. Both have spent tens of millions of dollars, while Kathy Barnette spent next to nothing and is in a statistical dead heat.

“There is some polling that shows perhaps she has peaked a bit and that the eyes of McCormack are swinging back,” said Chris Nicholas, with Eagle Consulting Group. “For most people on the Republican side, they hadn’t heard of Kathy Barnette until a week ago. And now they’ve gotten $3 or $4 million worth of information for her and against her in this very condensed time frame. But it doesn’t help her when she blames the press for not vetting her and then has an event and keeps out the press.”

Keeping the candidates straight is no easy task for voters with seven Republicans and four Democrats running for Senate. Another seven Republicans and one Democrat are in the race for Governor.

“You know, I’m excited for it to be over so we can at least be only hearing from one candidate from each of the major parties rather than the whole passel of them,” said Danielle Gross, with Shelly-Lyons Communications.

The primary general election is on May 17. To see who is running for Senate, click here.