(WHTM) – Polling of Pennsylvania voters continues to show Democrat John Fetterman leading Republican Mehmet oz in the Pennsylvania Senate race.

A CBS/YouGov poll of 1,194 registered Pennsylvania voters found Fetterman with 52% support compared to Oz’s 47% and just 1% unsure. The margin for error was +/- 3.8%.

Of those who said they’ll support Fetterman, 24% said their vote was primarily because they oppose Oz. Fifty-six percent said they support Fetterman because they like him as a candidate and 20% support him because he’s the nominee.

Comparatively, 54% of Oz voters say they’ll vote for him mainly to oppose Fetterman, but just 15% of Oz supporters say they’re voting for him because they like him. Thirty-one percent say they support Oz because he’s the party nominee.

Additionally, 71% of Pennsylvania Republicans say they wish someone different was the Republican nominee, while 51% of Democrats say they wish there was a nominee other than Fetterman. Fifty percent said they like how Fetterman handles himself personally, while only 36% said the same for Oz.

Fifty-nine percent said Fetterman was in good enough health to serve in public office as he continues to recover from a stroke suffered in May. Sixty-seven percent said Oz has not lived in Pennsylvania long enough to understand its issues.

At least 49% of voters said Fetterman understands people like them, represents change, has a strong moral character, and has the right experience. Only 42% of voters said Oz represents change and less than 30% said he understands people like them or has the right experience.

Seventy-one percent of voters say they will definitely vote and 76% say they have been paying either a great deal or a fair amount of attention to the race.

President Biden’s approval rating in the poll was 42% positive and 58% negative. When it comes to Pennsylvania’s economy, 54% say it’s either fairly or very bad and 38% said it’s very or fairly good.

Eighty percent of voters identified the economy as a very important issue, followed by inflation, abortion, crime, and voting/election issues receiving more than 60%.

Twenty-three percent of those interviewed said they consider themselves part of the MAGA movement and 27% said they were progressive. Fifty-eight percent said Donald Trump should be investigated for the documents found at his Mar-a-Lago residence but 71% said the investigation won’t change how they vote.

Pennsylvania’s general election is on November 8.