EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — So who won the debate? And will the debate have any impact on who voters will support on November 8?

The debate covered a wide range of topics. However, with any debate, the winner is oftentimes in the eyes of the beholder.

Eyewitness News Reporter Andy Mehalshick watched the debate with longtime political science professor Dr. David Sosar, former Republican Congressman Lou Barletta, who lost in the May Primary in a run for governor, and Attorney Todd Eagen, a member of the Democratic Party National Committee.

“Both candidates made mistakes in the process. Many times refusing to answer directly what the questions were that were being posed to them,” explained Dr. David Sosar, a retired political science professor.

Dr. Sosar gives the nod to Mehmet Oz.

“I think that Oz overall in all honesty probably answered more things than did Fetterman. I think Fetterman looked like he was set up in more canned speeches in the way he wanted to direct his answers,” Dr. Sosar added.

Mehalshick asked, “Was there a winner or loser here? What do you think?

“Oh yeah, I think it was a clear win for Oz. I think he was able to articulate his positions much better. Many times I didn’t understand what Fetterman was really talking about his ideas he would do there seem to be like there were a lot of talking points,” Former Republican Congressman, Lou Barletta responded.

Barletta believes there was a gotcha moment on the topic of fracking.

“I think Oz did a good job of painting Fetterman as too radical on crime on drugs and I believe the fracking question where Fetterman’s own quote actually was opposite of what he was saying made many people uncomfortable,” Barletta continued.

Eagen says Fetterman held his own.

“I think that there was no surprise that Dr. Oz was the more polished presenter tonight, but he’s been on tv, that was his career so that was no surprise tonight. One of the big surprises I felt was we didn’t hear Joe Biden’s name mentioned until 26 minutes into the debate. I think the republican side wants to make this mid-term election about Joe biden rather than a particular candidate,” stated Democratic National Party Member, Todd Eagen.

Eagen says Fetterman’s health concerns were answered in the debate.

“I think he addressed tonight was the stroke has affected him obviously but what I think he showed tonight he’ll be able to serve, should the voters of Pennsylvania decide to elect him senator,” Eagen said.

Sosar, Eagen, and Barletta all agree that no single debate should be used by voters to determine who they will vote for. Voters must do their research and due diligence before they make a final decision on whom they will vote for.