HAMPDEN TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WHTM) — Republican candidate for Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senate seat, Mehmet Oz, spent time in the Midstate Wednesday night, holding a rally in Hampden Township, Cumberland County.

Oz spoke for about 20 minutes to a packed crowd at Evergrain Brewing Company. It’s the first stop in our area since he officially beat David McCormick by only 951 votes.

Oz is hot on the trail vying for Pat Toomey’s Senate seat.

“I believe that individualism, your ability as a voter as well to run your own lives is the best way,” Oz said.

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It wasn’t long ago his opponents were attacking him.

“He’s Turkey first. He served in the Turkish military not the U.S. military and he chose to do that. He chose to put Turkey first,” said Carla Sands at the April 25 debate hosted by abc27.

But now Camp Hill’s Sands is behind him.

“Carla’s presence here is really important because we’re unifying the party,” Oz said.

A new poll from USA Today and Suffolk University shows Democrat John Fetterman with a 9-point lead over Oz, 46% to 37%.

“This is early. You can’t believe the polls. The polls are a snapshot in time and we know John Fetterman is so radical, he’s to the left of Bernie Sanders,” Sands said.

One of his first supporters, state Sen. Mike Regan, says to give it time.

“I mean it really is too early to tell. People are still wrapping their head around it. Those who were for McCormick and other candidates, they’re still hurting a little bit,” Regan said. “They’re going to come around and I think those numbers will change.”

Oz hit the big talking points of inflation, immigration, healthcare and energy.

Of Fetterman, Oz said, “He’s further to the left of Joe Biden by quite a bit and is going to push Joe Biden way over if you think it was bad now it’s going much more to the left.”

But some continue questioning whether Oz can represent Pennsylvanians since the former TV doctor is from New Jersey.

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“Does that mean when Oz goes as the Pennsylvania Senator to Washington to represent Pennsylvania that he’s going to represent New Jersey? I mean it’s just ridiculous. He is all in for Pennsylvania,” Regan said.

“I want a Washington all in on making Pennsylvania strong and the tip of the spear so we can lead the rest of the country because Washington should be all in for all of us. So God bless you very much for being here,” Oz said.

Fetterman is still off the campaign trail as he recovers from his stroke.