EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — From your local election headquarters, from TV to running for a Pennsylvania Senate seat, Dr. Mehmet Oz made a stop in Northeast Pennsylvania on Monday.

The tv star focused on jobs and energy as his campaign came to Susquehanna and Wyoming counties.

Nursing students found Dr. Mehmet Oz teaching their class at Susquehanna County Career and Technology Center.

Dr. Oz made a campaign stop to learn more about career learning and natural gas production.

“It’s remarkable to get young energetic folks passionate about learning. They realize there is other ways of learning other than going to a four-year college,” said Oz.

Eyewitness News spoke with the tv doctor one-on-one, as we head into the primaries in May. Dr. Oz is up against six Republicans in the race. As Senator Pat Toomey is not running for reelection. Dr. Oz aired the final episode of his show in January to focus on his campaign.

“I’m campaigning because I am worried the crisis we find ourselves in. I burned the boats which is metaphorically when I shut my showdown and closed my magazine because it is worth it to me. I love this nation like everyone watching does,” said Dr. Mehmet Oz,(R) PA Senate candidate

Dr. Oz also visited a Coterra Energy Natural Gas Production site in Springville Township as he wants to increase energy independence.


“America needs to get the message clearly that it’s a national security imperative to have natural gas drilling and supply it to both us and the rest of the world. That initiative has to be made clear to the federal level. It’s not right now,” Dr. Oz said.

Oz believes the Green New Deal is a “lie.”

“This is not a policy or politics. Just scientifically it’s not achievable. What is achievable and the reason America has become just a clean country with our environment is we have natural gas,” Dr. Oz explained.

In addition to Dr. Oz making a stop at the center’s CDL program. He also made a stop in Wyoming County at Lackawanna College Petroleum and Natural Gas. In all, his trip is to understand the need for more jobs and how the natural gas industry impacts the local community, state, and country.

“This is everything from somebody driving big rigs to weld pipes together, to facilitate in hospitals with a functioning and full capacity. We shouldn’t be short on workers. This is Pennsylvania,” said Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz plans to continue to tour the state to learn more about what Pennsylvanians want to see done in Washington D.C.