ALTOONA, Pa (WTAJ) — Come on down! One of the next contestants on The Price is Right is from Altoona.

Nathan “Nate” Ross, 27, was one of the lucky contestants on the Jan. 18, edition of The Price is Right. The show had been pre-recorded, so Nate is back in Altoona and our Morgan Kosier stopped by the watch party.

Nate was ecstatic about the opportunity, and as a superfan, it’s still crazy to think about being on the show.

“What an amazing experience, to say that a small-town guy from Altoona was on The Price is Right, ‘Like are you kidding me? That’s crazy,'” Nate said.

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As a superfan, Nate said you have to come prepared when meeting with the show’s producers. Nate was asked a series of questions and met with multiple producers which eventually led up to an invite to the show.

“I’ve done my fair share of studying for sure,” Nate said.

Nate wasn’t allowed to talk about any prizes until after the show aired, but he didn’t leave empty-handed.

“I won a massage chair that came with a little tablet,” Nate said. “It’s a fantastic massage chair. I actually got to sit in it after I won it. It’s really comfortable.”

Nate also won designer sunglasses from contestant’s row before winning the massage chair.

Nate then moved on to spin the wheel, getting a .50 the first time and needed to beat a. 90. He spun a .55 on the second spin and went over, eliminating him. Nate was presently surprised about the experience though, especially with the weight of the wheel.

“A lot of people say that the wheel is heavier than it looks,” Nate said. “I thought the opposite, I didn’t think it was really as heavy as I was expecting it to be.

While Nate is a Price is Right superfan, he just loves game shows and still can’t get over the fact that he was on one.

“It’s just, I love the show, I love game shows,” Nate said. “I’m such a game show nerd, game show fanatic. And to be, not only just to walk into the studio but then to actually be on the show you know. To get called down and to spin the wheel, crazy, I can’t even believe to this day that it happened.”