PENNSYLVANIA (WHTM) — Thousands of Pennsylvanians are still feeling the economic effects of the COVID pandemic.

There’s help available for a lot of them, and a lot of them have applied, but they may need to take one big step before getting that assistance.

“I can’t say it more clearly or more firmly supporting homeowners and renters is a priority that every legislator in the commonwealth should have at the top of their list,” Rep. Smith-Wade-El of Lancaster County said.

Pennsylvania housing finance agency exists to help people who need it. One way it does that is the PA Homeowner Assistance Fund, which helps people who are in financial trouble as a result of the pandemic.

But officials say even those who have registered with the agency, may need to sign up again.

“We need folks to come out and make sure that if they were on the wait list for the Pennsylvania Homeowner Assistance Fund, they do get reregistered so the Pennsylvania housing finance agency has the most up-to-date information,” Smith Wade-El said.

And State Representative Smith-Wade-El says the sooner people re-register, just to confirm their personal information, the sooner they can get the help they need.

“I feel like it is a step towards taking on that problem, but housing is big, all across the commonwealth urban, rural, and suburban, We have people in need of housing support,” Smith-Wade-El said.

Many people need that support, and Smith-Wade-El says the state is committed to helping them get it.

“When we set aside funds to help save people’s homes we don’t want them to be reabsorbed we want them to be driven out to Pennsylvania so The Commonwealth people who need housing,” Smith-Wade-El said.

If you need to re-register, you can visit HomeOWNERS Start Here | PHFA Homeowner Assistance.