(WHTM) — When fall comes around, many know that winter is not too far behind. Fall means cooler temperatures, shorter daylight hours, and beautiful fall foliage.

You may not think of damaging winds, large hail, flooding rains, or even tornadoes during the fall months.

So, can severe weather impact us in the fall? Absolutely!

Severe weather can occur at any time of the year. But, according to abc27 Meteorologist Dan Tomaso, the conditions tend to be stronger during changes in the season. This is why we get strong storms between April and June, due to the change from spring to summer. This can also be said for when we are changing from summer and fall, and fall to winter.

These season changes bring changes in atmospheric conditions, and weather fronts tend to bring a wider range of temperatures, and a wider range of weather, including thunderstorms, Tomaso added.

Any season can have thunderstorms, including severe weather and tornadoes. The main thing that needs to be in place are the necessary conditions (ingredients) for these types of events.

According to the Northeast Regional Climate Center, between the years 1881 and 2010 during the transition from spring -to- summer (April to June), the state had 367 tornadoes. During the summer-to-fall transition (August to October), there were 174 twisters recorded.

Thunderstorms, including severe thunderstorms, can happen at any time of the year. The main ingredients you need for a storm are moisture, instability, and a lifting mechanism. Moisture for thunderstorms in Pennsylvania, according to the National Weather Service comes from the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico.

The National Weather Services says that an example of instability would be characterized by warm moist air near the surface and cold dry air above it. When the cold air rises, water vapor will form and cause thunderstorm clouds to form. The final ingredient, lift, can come from many things, such as weather fronts, and terrain.

If you have the ingredients for a thunderstorm, they can happen any time of the year. If the ingredients are potent enough, some of these storms can become severe Fall included.