(WHTM) – The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is set to vote on raising toll prices on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

According to an agenda for the commission’s August 2 meeting, the commission will vote to approve the proposed 2023 annual toll increase of 5% across the entire Turnpike system.

The change would be effective on January 8, 2023. E-ZPass and Toll-By-Plate rates for passenger and commercial vehicles will round up to the nearest dime.

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Currently, for a passenger vehicle to travel from Harrisburg to Philadelphia, it would cost E-ZPass drivers $9.90 and non-E-ZPass drivers $20.40, according to the Pennsylvania Turnpike Toll calculator.

The toll calculator says a trip from Harrisburg to Pittsburgh costs $22.90 with an E-ZPass and $46.60 without one.

Earlier this year the Pennsylvania State House voted unanimously to increase penalties for turnpike toll evaders. The bill passed the State Transportation committee but never reached the Senate for a full vote.

According to Rep. Doyle Heffley (R-Carbon), more than 200,000 drivers were charged with video tolls in 2021 and many were unaware it happened.

The bill also would make several other changes to improve toll collection and increase penalties against drivers who either don’t pay or evade tolls, such as suspension of the vehicle’s registration.

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The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission in June also announced a partnership with the KUBRA Cash Payment Network to provide customers with the ability to use cash to pay their Toll By Plate invoices or add funds to their E-ZPass accounts.

The new options will be available at more than 70,000 retail locations within KUBRA’s nationwide network.

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