HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – The Pennsylvania State House has passed a bill that would create a vendor-designed specialty license plate program.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Sheryl Delozier (R-Cumberland) would generate money for the Motor License Fund by giving residents the option to purchase specialty license plates. The House passed the bill 118-83 largely along party lines with a handful of representatives crossing over both sides.

The license plates would be from a contractor overseen by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and Pennsylvania State Police. The bill requires PennDOT to give final oversight and approval of the vendor specialty license plate program.

Each specialty-produced plate would need to meet state safety and legibility standards and must be compatible with the toll road, police, and other automated plate reading technology.

“I am very happy that this bill has received such broad support. My House Bill 2632 would not take away from existing PennDOT programs or Department of Corrections production of plates, but it would grant the Department of Transportation the ability to contract with private vendors for specialty plate services, and revenue generated would go directly to the Motor Licensing Fund,” said Delozier. “The state of Texas implemented a similar program in 2009, and it has been very successful, returning over $115 million in new revenue. I think Pennsylvania can benefit from this model too.”

“We need to be thinking outside the box for revenue generation for the Motor Licensing Fund to pay for needed road and infrastructure improvements. I look forward to the Senate’s review of my bill, and I hope to see it reach the governor’s desk soon,” Delozier added.