HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – A Pennsylvania lawmaker is proposing changes to the state’s vehicle registration cards.

In a memo to state lawmakers, Rep. Tina Davis (D-Bucks) says she plans to introduce a bill that would allow for digital vehicle registration cards.

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The bill would allow drivers to carry either a digital or paper copy of their vehicle registration card. Davis says the bill “stipulates that individuals who elect to show digital proof of registration on an electronic device are not presumed to be consenting to a search of that device, thereby protecting the privacy of drivers.”

Davis believes having digital registration cards would make traffic stops more efficient when drivers may need to present information to an officer.

“Numerous other states, including our neighboring state New Jersey, have already enacted this measure and have seen its success,” said Davis. “I have introduced this bill for the past two cycles in an effort to add Pennsylvania to the growing list of states embracing this simple advancement. Join me in increasing efficiency for drivers by co-sponsoring this commonsense legislation.”